S Heddon

"Big thanks for the photoshoot Ian, it really captured everything I'd hoped for and imagined.

You had loads of great ideas and helped me to relax from beginning to end.

Love the pics!"

K Jobson

"Let's forget photography just for a few moments.  In my opinion, Ian Winter is an immensely talented artist.  Now, think of what an 'artist' can be.  One Oxford English dictionary definition of an artists is:

"A follower of a pursuit in which skill comes by study or practice - the opposite of a theorist"

Having worked with Ian, I have seen how, in his two main disciplines of music and photography, the marriage of both study and practice has borne fruit in an incredible way.  Musically, the man has come a long way in his 30-odd years, having combined the best in both musical theory and 'audiation' - hearing the sounds mentally on a different level from just  "hearing a song in your head".  There is a logic and structure here which, I believe, could have set the foundations for an incredibly promising photographic career.

In music, we play tricks with harmony and tell stories.  On stage we do this, if we can, in an engaging, visual way.  And so, within Ian's photographic art you will find him performing tricks, playing games and telling stories with combinations of light, focus, tone, colour and depth of field.

In Ian's photography, for the idea you wish to convey, you will find that there will always be some fitting scenario that can be plucked from the 'already created' shelf in his mind, and if it is not yet on that shelf, it soon will be.  And with Ian, this will happen naturally.  As natural as the beautiful landscapes he creates.  As natural as the features and expressions on the faces of his portraits.

Look into the photography of this amazing artist.  Each photograph is like a short story, or fascinating piece of music, the interesting type that has you wanting to go through it again and again to out nuances that you didn't notice before.

And so - to help create lingering memories, combined with delicate art, I recommend you go to Ian Winter and ask him for an idea."


"Thanks for a great shoot, it was lots of fun and loved all of the different props used.  I would certainly recommend you to all my friends and family,

No one has captured me in a photograph like that before and I have received wonderful compliments on them from many people.

Thanks again x"

R&A Millar

"A very personable, skilled photographer with an eye for a stunning picture, Ian Winter was hired to shoot our wedding day and what a wonderful job he did. 

His relaxed approach had everyone at ease from beginning to end, perfectly capturing the ambience in such an unobtrusive and efficient manner we rarely even knew he was there.

The resulting images were just what we were looking for; genuine, honest and very, very special. 

We are in the entertainment industry  ourselves and now wouldn't hesitate to recommend this man for any major event.  People who can work to this high standard are not only rare, they really make the difference... Book him and see for yourself!"